Competition Performance

  • Test flights at the Lincoln Sky Knights airfield revealed strengths and weaknesses of the design that prompted changes to the wings and structure of the tail
  • Further test flights proved successful performance for unloaded missions
  • Weather condition: 35 mph winds, gusts up to 42 mph
  • Successful taxi mission
  • One lap completed on ferry mission
  • Given high winds, flight performance was average
  • High winds prompted several unsuccessful flight missions from many competition teams


  • Taxi Mission: traverse a 40' x 8' course with corrugated surface in 5 minutes with no damage to aircraft
  • Flight Missions:
    • Ferry Flight: No payload; Complete as many laps as possible in 4 minutes
    • Maximum Load Mission: 3 Lap internal cargo flight
    • Emergency Medical Mission: 3 lap flight with simulated medical passengers