First Step: RockSat - C 


RockSat-C is a program for students to design and build a sounding rocket payload, and launch the payload on a rocket out of Wallops Flight Facility! Payloads shall be student based with faculty and/or industry involvement only.

The RockSat-C program actively engages the students through full design-process mentoring, assisting them through the design phase in the Fall semester (CoDR, PDR, CDR), and leading the teams through testing and integration reviews and Launch Readiness Review in the Spring.  The RSC manager also helps the teams with integration and launch at Wallops Flight Facility.


 Second Step: RockSat- X

The RockSat-X program is an extension of RockSat-C.
The RockSat-X payload deck is a modular system based around decks designed for suborbital flights with Wallops Flight Facility‚Äôs (WFF) Sub-SEM ring assembly. 

RockSat-X has an ejectable skin and nose cone that will expose experiments to the space environment fully at apogee. Additionally, the rocket will be de-spun to a reduced rate of ~ 0.5 Hz to allow for a greater range of experiments.

Other highlights include: Wallops provided power and telemetry. By providing these amenities, experimenters can spend more time on payload design and less on power and data storage systems.